We Met: 2016

We Became "Facebook Official": 2018

(because that makes it legit, right?)

She said "HELL YEAH" : 2020

The Big Day: 2022

"The goal is to 
with someone you take

long story short.png

Special Thanks to Rachel for capturing this epic moment!

Shad Creek.png

Our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception will  be held at our venue, Shadow Creek. 

18090 Silcott Springs Rd. 

Purcellville, Virginia 

Our wedding ceremony & reception are Adult Only.


We are also having an 'Unplugged Ceremony' and kindly ask all guests to refrain from any photos of videos during the ceremony portion of the day. 

We've made plans with a local bus company to provide transportation between the hotel and the venue. Stay tuned for scheduled shuttle times.

There is also plenty of on-site parking available!

Please take a moment to answer our poll below.

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shad creek.jpg
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We want to know what song(s) will get you on the dance floor!  Please visit our DJ's planning site below and submit your favorite songs! On the site, you can browse their music library, enter your own son  requests, and make comments about the request.  

When you log in, you will have to enter your name, event date (November 11, 2022) , and the password below. 

DJ Song Request 

Password: ycgdnwo